Contemporary West Vancouver Residential, Entry and Deck Renovation24 Photos
The goal of this exterior renovation was to create a more contemporary entry facade and update the rear decks with an extended deck area, new decking, canopies and guardrails. In order to aid the clients to visualize these changes along with CAD drawings, I created options in colour 3D computer model renderings.

Front Elevation Options

These front elevation drawings were a study of different options, for the entry and garage, along with different colour options.

Entry Plan and Section

This plan and elevation are showing revisions to existing entry area and an option for a new tiled wall and canopy at the entry.

Rear Elevations and Details

These drawings illustrate different options for the proposed canopies off the rear upper deck.

Deck Plan

This plan shows the new exterior stacked doors and proposed canopies.

Deck, Guardrail & Canopy Renovations

This 3D model is showing the renovations to the rear facade.The upper deck was extended to straighten a previous cutout corner near the bay window and all the decking was replaced with ipe panels .On the upper deck we also looked at options for steel, wood and glass canopies. All the guardrails were replaced with stainless steel stanchions, we strived to reuse the existing glass panels.

Front Entry Renovation

This 3D computer model of the front elevation shows the final option decided by the client, the triangular arch over the front entry was replaced with cedar posts and beams with a glass canopy, a wood screen fence and gate was designed to provide more privacy, the garage doors were replaced with obscure glass and metal doors. The house was previously painted a beige colour which was replaced with a dark brown colour scheme.

Front Entry Renovation

3D computer model view of the new proposed entry and garage doors.

Front Entry Renovation

3D model rendering of new entry and garage doors.

Deck Elevations

This 3D model rendering shows the chosen final colour option for the rear elevation.